Body Combat

The BodyCombat is a high intensity pre-choreographed fitness course based on martial arts movements and other combat sports. This complete workout allows cardio-vascular and muscular work by soliciting all the large muscle groups as well as the muscles of the trunk in a reactive way. A BodyCombat course lasts about 60 minutes and is composed of several songs, each with a specific purpose for training and fitness. 

The BodyCombat is impregnated with several martial arts: boxing, kick-boxing, karate, taekwondo, muay thai, tai chi chuan, capoeira. 

Although the exercises are based on movements from these disciplines, the BodyCombat is not a martial art in itself. The blows are not thrown, like the realization of a kata, as in some martial arts but are repeated many times in order to master them. Regular training nevertheless allows to know some techniques of self-defense and to be confident in oneself.