The Bootcamp is originally a training program inspired by the training of the army. The purpose of Bootcamp is to reinforce the physical and moral qualities of the troops by subjecting them to challenging and challenging cardiovascular and muscular exercise programs. 

The Bootcamp sports concept uses the term Bootcamp and part of it is military application in order to adapt it to the general public by offering a stimulating, fun and varied fitness training and competitions with the obstacle courses 

The bootcamp owes its popularity Both to its simplicity and efficiency for quick fitness, plus the benefits of group training and supervision of a coach. This workout changes drastically from the classic fitness training. It is practiced both indoors and outdoors (city, park, forest, countryside, beach ...) where the effect of group pushes to give more than when you train alone in his corner. Within the civilian framework the coach instructor is there to help you, correct you and support you in your efforts.